Monday, 12 November 2012

Back in the game

Sorry this post isn't about crafting, but I feel like I need to write this down, and the blog seemed the right place to do it.  It should help me motivate myself.

A big part of my life is my ongoing struggle with my weight.  I have pretty much always been a 'big girl' and have seen my mum battle her weight all her life.

I am about 5 ft 7 in and at my biggest, I weighed 17 stone 9lbs and wore a UK size 22 clothes - this was in January last year.  Obese.  Very, if you look at the scales.  At risk of all sorts of horrible diseases and not very happy with myself.

So, I decided (for the second time in my life) to do something about it, and spent a lot of time, energy and a fair bit of money (mostly spent on new clothes and a lot of fruit!) last year and with the help of Slimming World, a fab group and an even more fabulous group leader - Gyll Cowell - got down to 13 stone 12lbs and a UK size 14 by January this year.

'Woohoo!' I hear you say?  Well yes, but then life kicked back in again and a new relationship with the 'Bearded One', a busy, challenging year at work and a lack of personal focus have meant that I've slowly slipped back up to 14 stone 4lbs and a UK size 16.

That's fine, and I'm happy with the size I am, but what I don't want to do is go back to where I came from.  I really don't, and the only person that can do anything about that is me.

So, rather than stick my head in the sand, complete with fingers in ears singing 'la, la, la, la, la, la' rather loudly, I decided last week that I would get my backside in gear and get back to that fabulous group.

I'm very pleased that I did.  It hasn't been a perfect week SW-wise, involving as it has a very lovely lunch with some consultants, a work event replete with canapes and champagne, a night out bowling which involved consumption of cocktails, burger, fries & beer and a Sunday sushi feast with the Bearded One.  However, I was back in group this evening and back on the scales to find a 3lb loss.

Not much to some people, maybe, but a personal triumph for me and a feeling which I enjoy and which I'd like to repeat next week.

I know that SW works if I give it the proper focus and attention, and get myself organised.  It's a sensible healthy eating plan which allows me to live my life and eat chocolate, so that's what I'll do.

Here's to another less than perfect but positive week!


p.s. A bit of crafting all the same...I love this blog post from Lucy over at Attic24 - I want to make that hat!


  1. You sound really determined. Good luck - i hope you acheive the weight you're aiming for

  2. Well done for losing 3lbs. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Hope your back to crafting soon.
    Ali x

  3. thank you for the encouragement. I'll get there! x