Sunday, 18 January 2009

Of birthdays and such

This week was my 'birthday week'. I reached the grand old age of 34 on Monday, the 'glorious twelfth' (except it wasn't that glorious, it was rather damp, cold and grey, but still). I shared my birthday with my grandad, until he died a few years ago, and it still feels quite odd to have it all to myself.

I had about as good a birthday as you can have on a wet, grey, cold January Monday when you're at work. I'd made a chocolate cake to take to work, and was very touched to find a colleague had also made me one, complete with giant chocolate buttons and edible glitter!
The rest of the week has been busy at work - so much for a quiet start to the year - but I'd rather be busy and employed than not. I screwed up my courage on Tuesday and went along to a bowling league night and joined in. Once I'd done it I had the biggest grin on my face all evening. The people I met were so welcoming, unusually so, and I can't wait to go back this week for more.
Had a couple of late-ish nights at work, but not too bad, and necessary. Also had beers & curry - which are generally welcome - on Friday night. Went to the cinema yesterday - initially to see 'The Reader' but we were foiled as the showing we were aiming for didn't actually exist, so we plumped for 'Slumdog Millionaire' instead, which was brilliant. I nearly applauded when it ended, which doesn't happen often at all. I could quite happily see it again very soon, and indeed might just do that if my brother fancies seeing it when he comes over next weekend.
Sunday lunch, dvd & knitting at a friend's house today which was lovely.
So a busy birthday week all in all. Even better, I have managed to maintain progress on Project 365 with at least one photo every day, an aim aided by the fact that I invested in a new toy last weekend, a Nikon 360 dslr...oops. I'm enjoying playing with it so far, but have also booked to attend a workshop in early March to learn how to use it and am looking forward to that very much.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

late nights and early mornings

I had a fun evening yesterday. Impromptu, unlikely (given the vile mood I somehow ended the day in) and entertaining.

It's slightly less fun this morning as I've got to be at the optician to collect my new specs at 9.00am - why did I think that would be a good time to make an appointment on a Saturday?!

Photos for Project 365 will follow tomorrow I should think. I have been good, I just haven't uploaded them yet...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Today is...


...the last day of freedom for a while as it's back to work tomorrow;

...very, very cold; ex-mother-in-law's birthday; 4 of Project 365. This challenge could prove difficult to manage with daylight hours being largely spent in the office, but it may just mean that either I'll have to get creative with subject matter, or the photos will be dull! still, in for a penny and all that...!

365/004 - 4th January 2009
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